Pre Wedding around Phuket .

Pre wedding in Phuket .During the period from March 28 -30 2013.Phuketphotographer team has travel to manny beautiful locations around the Phuket island.For Pre-Wedding Photoshooting for married couple .They contacted in advance for several days to discuss places and price for photo shoot compare between Phuket and Koh Samui.Which I has suggested that in this period the weather in Phuket is better than Koh Samui and there are many places to shoot.The key is to talk about the details, and then make an appointment to take the picture.

Throughout the two-day trip is around the island I see that both  was very fun people.Many times, the sun is very hot, but they do not complain or give up.And sometimes have to climb to a place they still smile all the time.I am lucky to be photographer for couple of lovely like this.

Phuket has many beautiful beaches and the sea.If you want to get a Pre Wedding photography in Phuket Koh Samui ,Krabi,Phang nga Please contact us

For all pictures we will up load to next time.

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