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Family shooting in Krabi


Krabi Family photograpy 0003 Krabi Family photograpy 0014 Krabi Family photograpy 0018 Krabi Family photograpy 0021 Krabi Family photograpy 0024 Krabi Family photograpy 0027

Anne ‘s family from Singapore Travel to Krabi thailand on November 2013.Annie’s family is a small family consisting of four persons in a family.Anne, Lim, Alden & Anders.However, I feel that is lovely family and have fun all the time.
Annie and family stay in Krabi Thailand for about one week.And the use photography services from me.Unfortunately, the storm blows through Thailand during this time the color of the sky is no longer blue..However, I have emotional fun photos of kids instead.
Anne’s family Alabum
Comment from Anne and family about my service

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Krabi & Phang nga Photography

Phuket photographer0036

Krabi photographer0002 Krabi photographer0003 Krabi photographer0004 Krabi photographer0005 Krabi photographer0006 Krabi photographer0007 Krabi photographer0008 Krabi photographer0009 Krabi photographer0010 Krabi photography0018 Krabi photography0019 Krabi photography0020 Krabi photography0021 Krabi photography0022 Krabi photography0023 Krabi photography0024 phang nga photographer0011 phang nga photographer0012 phang nga photographer0013 phang nga photographer0014 phang nga photographer0015 phang nga photographer0016 phang nga photographer0017 Phuket photographer0033 Phuket photographer0034 Phuket photographer0035 Krabi photographer0001 Phuket photographer0037 Phuket photographer0038 Phuket photographer0039 Phuket photographer0040 Phuket photographer0041 Phuket photography0025 Phuket photography0026 Phuket photography0027 Phuket photography0028 Phuket photography0029 Phuket photography0030 Phuket photography0031 Phuket photography0032

Photos of my recent trips to explore Phang Nga Bay and Krabi.
In this journey I have met many hidden beautiful view of Phang Nga Bay and Krabi.Look beautiful peace like in heaven.There are many times that I was stunned with the beautiful appearance .Before rush to capture images with my camera and keep the beautiful memories in my heart.
If anyone plans to travel to Thailand. I highly recommend you to visit and get married here.I am sure you will get beautiful photos for your wedding,

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Wedding at Koh Lanta

Pimalai-Koh-Lanta wedding Pimalai Koh Lanta

Wedding at Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta

The last photo of my photographic work for Cavin & Stacce at Pimalai resort Koh Lanta on 10 December ,
Luckily the weather is really beautiful on this day after raining all week at Koh Lanta and Phuket Thailand,
Pimalai Resort is the perfect location for wedding with the atmosphere of the resort in the middle of large rainforests.

Me and my team spent a 4 days on Koh Lanta.To explore and find the beautiful locations for wedding photo shooting.Of course, there are many beautiful places on the island for the shoot.If you are interested to get married. And pre-wedding photography on Koh Lanta Krabi Thailand We are happy to provide information that is useful to you.

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Wedding at Sri panwa

phuket photography

Luba and John traveled from America to get married in Phuket Thailand in November 2013 at Sri Panwa , Phuket Luxury Resort and Spa.The wedding was a small and simple wedding.There are two friends who attended as a guest and witness with this wedding.

Sri Panwa is a lovely place for a wedding .Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Phuket with a nearly 360-degree view from above .

Thank you for select me and my team as your wedding photographer

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