Ash and Chris’s Wedding Day

September 9th of 2015 marks a milestone in the lives of a couple who have experienced an unforgettable once in a lifetime event in heaven’s paradise here on Earth. The flight of about 12 hours from Melbourne Australia to Thailand was all worth it, with something magical and beautiful bound to happen- Ash and Chris’s Koh Samui wedding day.

Among the gulf of the Gulf of Thailand’s wondrous islands is where Koh Samui lies, a treasured place that ranks among the most beautiful in the whole world. It’s one of the largest islands within the gulf, comprised of exotic elements and a tropical ambiance. The palm-fringed white sand beaches, pristine waters, dense rain forests and mountainous surroundings brimming with life altogether produce astounding, breathtaking beauty like no other!

Nature at its finest yields a relaxed atmosphere where one can breathe with contentment and pure bliss! Being home to luxury places including resorts, spas, fabulous nightlife, on top of the island’s priceless offerings makes it the best spot to be. Where else will you want your own wedding to take place? Nowhere else but amidst this perfect Koh Samui wedding backdrop that makes the wildest dreams come true! It proved to be the best decision Ash and Chris ever made, along with the choice of the best Thailand wedding photographer.

How did they find me? Ash witnessed some of my previous works presented in the photos and video wedding shoot by my team, not really in person but at my website holding a portfolio of picture-perfect memories that paints a thousand words! She then booked my video and photography service a year in advance, though we have never met and seen each other before, she gave me her trust. I made certain they were in good hands and all their preparation and efforts were portrayed as they imagined their wedding would be, which you can likewise see in their splendid wedding photos where the sun light almost shines upon you!

They had a Buddhist blessing in the morning and a traditional ceremony was held and carved in history at 4 pm of 9/9/15, where the reception followed through at the Nora beach resort and spa. Each and every one of their 60-70 guests were deemed special and part of this significant celebration, and every minute of it was recorded and preserved by their chosen Koh Samui Photographer. It’s hard not to fall in love with the beauty of Thailand and this lovely couple!

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