Family Photo

Photos of Paula family: The latest photographic work that I have come to shoot for Paula Family at Kamala Beach, Phuket. Paula with her family and 6 people family members travelled from Hong Kong to stay at The Cape Sienna Phuket Gourmet Hotel & Villas a 5-star hotel located in Kamala beach on the long New Year’s holiday.

Paula Family Photo at Kamala beach.

I started taking photos of Paula family in the hotel area first for about an hour because the weather is very hot outside the resort. Then invited everyone to move to take a photo at Kamala Beach by car.We come to take pictures with the long tail boat that lined the Kamala beach in the first place. In order to see the symbol of the ship that is unique in southern Thailand Especially the boat that is used only on the Andaman coast of Thailand. After that, we moved to take pictures on another part of Kamala beaches where there are not many tourists.

Sunset family photography

At around 6 pm I let everyone have fun playing on the Kamala beach and I kept capturing the candid photograph while they were playing. This type of family photography will give me natural beautiful images. We took pictures until sunset at 6.30 pm. That we returned back to the hotel.

Family Photo in Phuket

Family photography in Phuket is a way to capture important family memories in Thailand’s beautiful destinations. If your family chooses to come here, they will experience the clear green sea. Looking for fresh seafood and enjoy various activities such as taking a boat to the island Or ride an elephant to tour the herd in the forest. Taking photos here is the best way to remember a really fun day. where the family passes through beautiful and warm photos Imprinted with vivid memories of your trip to Phuket.

Photos of Paula family
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